We believe in the power of 'YOUR BRAND'. Since the start we have helped so many companies package their brands in many countries to make you competitive every day.


Some private labels we are doing today or have done in the past, include:

  • Accel (Panamá)

  • American Oil AT (Mexico)

  • American Super Grease (Dominican Republic)

  • Ancap (Uruguay)

  • Argent (USA)

  • Atlantis (USA, Central America)

  • Deluxe 75 (El Salvador, Guatemala, Nicaragua)

  • DMax (Kuwait)

  • Exxon Antifreeze (USA)

  • Golden Supreme (Puerto Rico)

  • Ilube (Mexico)

  • Jayaco (Domincan Republic)

  • John Deere (México)

  • Laser (México)

  • Latch Oil (USA)

  • LubriStar (México)

  • Lubrimax (Ivory Coast)

  • Lubr (USA)

  • Mairena (Nicaragua)

  • Maxx Oil (Panama, Colombia, USA)

  • Micmosom (West Africa, Pakistan)

  • Motex (Haiti)

  • Platinum Plus (CentralAmerica, Caribbean)

  • Premier (USA)

  • Road Master (USA)

  • Royal Purple (USA)

  • Texas Oil (Honduras)

  • Triaxx (Romania)

  • Universal (Nicaragua)

  • US Best (USA)

  • USA Best (Guyana)

We helps our customers find their products and the packaging that best suits their needs.
   'We can help you get there'     
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