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Wikipedia defines a LUBRICANT as a substance introduced to reduce friction between surfaces in mutual contact, which ultimately reduces the heat generated when the surfaces move. It may also have the function of transmitting forces, transporting foreign particles, or heating or cooling the surfaces.


The word "Lubricant" in latin is the word 'Ducatus'.


At Vexapak we have been Blending Lubricants & Oils for over 13 years.


Our products have been used again and again across the USA and are sold in over 20 countries around the world.


From Full Syntehtic and SynBlend formulas to the simple Non-Detergent Oils, we are here to meet your product needs. 


We have a product that will satisfy and exceed your needs!

API Licensed products since 2017

Industry Standards that our products are manufactured by...

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SAE (Society of American Engineers)

SAE International, founded as the Society of Automotive Engineers, is a nonprofit organization that develops and publishes standards used for the aerospace, automotive and commercial-vehicle industries. Headquartered near Pittsburgh, United States, SAE standards are authorized, revised and maintained by over 9,000 engineers and other professionals and are used by 120,000 members located around the world

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